Kaitlyn McQuaid PhotographySham-Wow – A Nigerian Dairy Dwarf Goat. Sham-Wow is the heart and soul of Gretta’s Goats operation and a quiet but firm leader.

rachie's violet with watermark

Violet – Our only pygora goat (cross between a pygmy and an angora goat). Violet produces beautiful mohair and loves to bleat the afternoon away.


Imogene, Alice, and Iris – Imogene is mama to Alice and Iris. Imogene has the most beautiful markings that she has passed onto her kids.


Frieda – Frieda keeps a watchful eye over the herd and farm. She can be bossy, but the goats, chickens, and dogs have learned to get out of her way! Frieda has the most beautiful little goat kids.


Cornelius – Cornie, as we like to call this little guy is everybody’s favorite on the farm! He loves to follow you as you do chores. His favorite thing to do is eat hay and graze in the pasture.

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Harriet – One of Frieda’s little ones from last season. She is a striking and beautiful little goat.


Lola – sweet and gentle

sassy 2

Sassafrass – Sassy is one tiny goat! She is calm and good natured.


Martha – Sassy’s sweet daughter

Gerti – Martha’s sister Photo coming soon


James – Sassy’s little guy from 2015. As you can see he is a risk taker!




Kazoo – Zooie is a blue eyed beauty and mama to Rosie and Francis.


Rosie – Rosie is a goat through and through. If there is a fence to balance on, rock to climb, or obstacle to jump she is your goat! We have nicknamed her the circus goat. She has blue eyes just like her mom. Rosie is now living on a beautiful horse farm in Barrington, IL.


Maynard – Maynard has the loudest bleat on the farm, especially for such a little guy. He is shy and enjoys hanging out with his siblings.


Magic – Magic is a terrific sweet little dairy goat. She has a shiny black coat and loves  sunflowers seeds as a snack after milking.


Tanzey – One of the sweetest goats you will ever meet.


Crouton and Honey – Tanzey’s twins from 2016


Tanzey Jr. – This little guy is pretty cute.


Jeffrey – Tanzey Jr.’s sidekick and brother.


Betty – new to our farm in 2016


Ginger Snap – Tanzey’s look- a- like goat buddy


Sweet Face – new to our farm in 2016


Bingo – new to our farm in 2016


Buck Rogers – He is a good boy


Clarence – Buck Roger’s sidekick